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Welcome to Liberty SpeechMail

Liberty SpeechMail is an exciting new service from Vocalis which allows you to hear your email messages over the telephone, without even needing to switch on your computer!

You can access your existing email account from any telephone, anywhere, at any time. You can listen to your messages and even reply to them. And you don't have to pay premium access rates - calling SpeechMail costs the same as making a standard national call (via an '0870' number).

Imagine being able to stay in touch with your messages: in your car, in a hotel... even in your own living room.

Apart from access to a telephone, you do not need any special equipment to use Liberty SpeechMail. You should have received an email notifying you of the telephone number to call, as well as a six-digit account number and four-digit PIN. This PIN can be changed, along with other system settings, by going to your log in page.

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