Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Liberty SpeechMail?

A: Liberty SpeechMail is a service provided by Vocalis that gives you quick and easy access to your email messages from any telephone in the world. When you call Liberty SpeechMail and say your account number and PIN, your emails will be read to you! You don't need to have your computer with you and no additional software or hardware is needed to use Liberty SpeechMail.

Q: What do POP3 and IMAP4 mean?

A: These are the systems through which the mail client on your computer communicates with your mail server. POP (or POP3), standing for Post Office Protocol, is the most widely-used system at present. IMAP (or IMAP4) stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, and is a more modern system for managing email messages. Your mail server receives messages being sent to your email account and, through the relevant protocol, transfers them to your computer.

Liberty SpeechMail is compatible with both POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.

Q: How do I use Liberty SpeechMail?

A: Once you have entered your account number and PIN, the system tells you how many messages you have (e.g. "you have four messages").

The system will play the header of each message, telling you who it is from, what the subject is, and when it was sent.

You can then choose to:

After listening to the message you can ask the system to:

For more detailed instructions, see "How to Access your Email Account over the Phone".

Q: How do I receive support?

A: SpeechMail support can be received from your Liberty Internet during their normal working hours.

Q: How do I close my account?

A: Email with the words "unsubscribe speechmail" as the subject.

Q: How does replying to messages work?

A: If you chose to reply to a message, Liberty SpeechMail will record a voice message from you of up to 60 seconds. Your message will be sent as a sound file attachment (.WAV file), and the recipient can hear it by clicking on it in their mail reader.

If you send a message to another person who is also using Liberty SpeechMail and they record a reply to you, you will be able to hear their recorded reply when you ask to "Play" the message.

Q: What happens to the email messages that I listen to?

A: You do not affect your email messages by listening to them over the telephone as long as you do not delete them. They are still available for you to view from your computer at a later time. However, once you've accessed your messages from your computer, they typically will not be accessible from the telephone.

Q: Can I listen to messages that I've already read on my computer?

A: Once you've accessed your messages on your computer, they typically will not be accessible from the telephone.

Q: Does the system read attachments?

A: Liberty SpeechMail will play you any attached sound files. The system may not be able to read other types of attachments, but it will tell you that the message has an attachment.

Q: I have more than one email address. Do I need separate SpeechMail accounts?

A: You will need a separate Liberty SpeechMail account for each email address you use.

Q: What configuration parameters can I change?

A: There are several configuration parameters which you can change:

Break messages after x sentences
This means that the system will insert a pause after reading out the specified number of sentences in an e-mail message, giving you a choice to continue, or finish.

Download x messages at a time
This means that the system will download the specified number of message headers from the server at a time, a large number will mean a longer delay when you first log in, but faster navigation of message headers, a small number will have the opposite effect.

Message Numbering
Turns message numbering during message header playout on or off.

Message Sender, Message Subject, Message Date
These options affect how the message header information is played out to you. You can choose any combination of information for the system to describe the message header to you.

Confirm Message Deletion
By default the system will prompt you for confirmation before deleting a message, though you can switch this off here.

List Newest Messages first
Here you can choose whether to have your message headers listed newest or oldest first.

Q: I just changed my password. Do I have to sign up again?

A: No. Just visit the account configuration page and change your mail server password. All of your other configuration remains intact.

Q: I asked Liberty SpeechMail to read a huge message. Can I stop it?

A: Liberty SpeechMail will stop after the number of sentences you have configured and give you a chance to stop listening to the message. Otherwise, you can skip to the end of the message by pressing the hash key (#) if you have a touch tone phone.

Q: Every time I call Liberty SpeechMail it says I have no messages. So why when I get back to my computer are there 30 messages sitting in my mailbox?

A: Most likely, you have your email reader on your computer set to remove messages from your mail server. The mail reader on your computer is removing all of your messages from your mail server, so Liberty SpeechMail cannot get to them. This can be fixed by setting your mail reader to leave messages on the mail server. Note that Liberty SpeechMail will never remove messages from the mail server unless you ask the system to delete the message you just heard.

Q: What do I do when Liberty SpeechMail says "Sorry, I didn't catch that"?

A: If you say something that Liberty SpeechMail does not recognize, or you leave it too long before replying, it may come back to you and say "Sorry, I didn’t catch that". Although you can say your option again at any time, the best thing to do is to listen, as Liberty SpeechMail will then repeat what options you have.

You can find out more by reading 'How to Access your Email Account over the Phone'.